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The Learning & Community Space is a place which meets the needs of the community. It acts as a focal point of the area & a place where people come together. It is a place where people have access to sport, art, cultural, heritage, related facilities & activities that enhance local community amenity & life style.


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Fitness Center


The Al Sarab Fitness Center contains of 1000 m² divided over two floors; the top floor is allocated for a women only gym. The vision for the fitness center is to be a specialized gym for all; men, women and kids; it offers the perfect mix for all groups. Men would mostly favor strength workout and body building, while women prefer classes, for children the fitness center provides a place to build up their body strength and teaches them to live a healthy life style.

Special in the Fitness Center is the women only gym. This provides women of all ages is a place to network while working out and it creates a sense of community. It provides the women a chance to have a comfortable workout without “gymtimidation”.The woman only gym providesnot only a full range of fitness classes such as spinning and cardio but also diet and lifestyle consultants.


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Kids Play and Edutainment


The kids Play Zone contains of a space of 758 m² which is divided into different zones and planned in a way that different operators or investors can be responsible for the different activities offered, such as the trampoline, soft play and the ropes course are all possible to be operated individually.


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